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Name:Rosemary Liddell ⇝ but almost Alice

Once upon a time, she was a young girl who lived in a perpetual state of magic and awe. Where tea parties with mice and Hatters where a daily occurence and flowers could sing (and sometimes berate) you.

In Storybrooke, ME her life is as normal and unextraordinary as possible. The only child of a pediatrician and high school science teacher, her parents have always been incredibly sensible and they passed that trait on to their daughter. Rosemary doesn't believe in magic, only those things you can taste, touch, see, and fee. The overactive imagination she had as a child eventually giving way to a quiet young woman who can only truly see what's right in front of her. What she can't ignore, however, are the dreams she has nearly every night. A hookah smoking caterpillar who doles out advice, white roses dripping in red paint, and a mad queen who seems to want her head.

(Alice is not my creation, and certainly doesn't belong to me, nor does Dianna Agron, the gorgeous PB. This is all just for fun, and no profit is being made here. (Trust me) The muse is 18, and the mun is...well, older)
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